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As you join the P.S. 116 community, we ask that you become an active member in helping to make our school a safer, more successful learning environment for all our students. Some ways to become involved include:


  • attending Curriculum Night in September

  • maintaining consistent communication with your child's teacher

  • donating materials to your child's classroom

  • attending monthly PTA meetings and helping to raise funds for our school

  • writing grants to support our school's various academic and enrichment programs



Donors Choose: Make a teacher's wish come true!

On this website, teachers around the country (including ours at P.S. 116) submit proposals for materials or experiences they would like for their classrooms. Browse the site to see if you might be able to support one of these teachers' wishes!



Support P.S. 116!

Please contribute to our PTA general fund to help preserve the many effective programs we provide the children of P.S. 116!


Thank you for supporting the P.S. 116 community!

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